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Artistic approach

The series “Bubbles and Wonder” brings a dreamlike and shifted vision of the vegetal world. Another suggestion for the theme of the “vital impulse”, its aesthetics emphasize the lightness, the ephemeral… a poetic evocation of light bubbles, reminiscences of Jerome Bosch’s heavenly spheres, Sorolla’s vegetated canvases/paintings, the lanterns lit up by a child’s hand amid Sargent’s lilies and the splendor of Giverny’s gardens depicted by Monet. 

While painting this series, the verses of Arthur Rimbaud came back to me, “On the blue summer evenings…”, invitation to a stroll and the happiness of stepping on the grass as the sun dives into the horizon… the sensation of pure color on the plants enlightened by the sun’s last rays.




The dimensions are in cm.

Photographs taken by Kasia Lesiak - Szarkiewicz




Des bulles dans les tons bleus et verts occupent tout l'espace sur un fond violet. Ce sont autant de sphères célestes où pousse une végétation dense. Arbres et marguerites. Microcosmes et macrocosmes.

Heavenly breath

50x50 cm

Mixed media on canvas


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Des fleurs, des plantes et des bulles dans une nature exubérante.

"On the blue summer evenings ..."

150x50 cm

Mixed media on canvas


Private collection

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