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Artistic approach

How does artistic practice feed on technological upheavals? This is a fascinating question at a time when we are inundated with social networks images. In a century, we have gone from scarcity to visual overabundance.

Basically, what are the differences between a selfie and a self-portrait? From my point of view, the painting of "me" offers much more than an image at a given moment. It offers the story of a life journey and, in this case, of a life in art. The strength of painting comes from the fact that it materially embodies a temporality.

The Three Graces (triptych)

Mixed media on canvas

220x120 cm


Selfportrait in red - benedicte Grange Rogulski - 2022.jpg

Euridyce's Grief

Oil on canvas

150x50 cm


God bless you ! - BGR - 2022_edited.jpg
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