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Artistic approach


Mythology is a formidable reservoir of stories which the painter takes with delight to revisit the contemporary world. The paintings presented here are born from the confrontation with the themes of beauty (beauty of bodies but also beauty of landscapes and nature, all subject to degradation caused by time and human action) as in the canvas "Les three Graces "or even desire explored from a feminine point of view, a theme long neglected by artists.

In this vein, the "Chagrin d'Eurydice" exposes Eurydice's love for her fiancé, the poet Orpheus. Eurydice's gaze on the reflection of her beloved in the mirror / lyre suggests the sensuality of the carnal union and the violence of the grief that follows the untimely death of the young bride.


The Three Graces (triptych)

Mixed media on canvas

220x120 cm


Le chagrin d'Eurydice tableau de Bénédicte Grange Rogulski

Euridyce's Grief

Oil on canvas

150x50 cm


Terpsichore tableau de Benedicte Grange Rogulski

Terpsichore or the birth of dance

Mixed media on canvas

150x50 cm


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