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"Nature in the eyes of Bénédicte Grange Rogulski"


Critical text By Hélène Legrand , painter and member of the Taylor Foundation

“Bénédicte G. Rogulski is not one to believe that in painting everything has already been done. With the quiet strength of the creator filled with a project, she seized her art with passion ! An artist's revelation often takes the form of a "freeze frame" and, in the mental silence of this disengaged world, he returns to what Merleau-Ponty calls "an original vision".

This is what happened to Bénédicte G. Rogulski, when, during a trip, she discovered a primary forest. "A veil has torn, she says, and the chaos of vegetation unfolding before my eyes has filled me with immense joy." A unique experience that she intends on sharing with us, convinced that the beating heart of painting is nestled in what is "given to see", in other words what appears to us.


We are invited to wander around a world inhabitated by giants with sylvan, mineral or animal outlines… A world where shapes play around, talking to each other and answering in the language of quivers.


The watchful eye will guess the painter's visits at the foot of Rembrandt's Christ trees, in the caves of Courbet, on Barbizon's land and on that of Emily Carr ... as well as her meditations on the "vital impetus" of Bergson, one of her favorite philosophers. Thanks to her fulll mastery of painting techniques, the "elan vital" here becomes flesh.

This encompassing and carnal vision of nature, let us even risk an "embracing" one, is not to be missed."


Le Parisien, January 19, 2018


Global excellence award 2020 by Lux Life Magazine :

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